Barbeque / Bain-Marie

The DreamPot is the perfect partner at your next barbeque and is indispensable whether home or away.  It is perfect for keeping meats hot once cooked on the barbeque plate.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your barbeque meal when you’re ready.  Leftover barbeque meats can be transferred directly into the ‘fridge (still in the inner pots), making storage and clean-up a breeze!

How to use your DreamPot as a barbeque warming oven is outlined in our exclusive DreamPot recipe books.

Barbeque bain-marie only?  Use the 5 & 6 litre DreamPot models as a portable bain-marie when the need arises.

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Lisa’s barbeque rissoles *

Nothing is better than a rissole cooked on the barbeque and they make terrific left over’s to enjoy the next day! As an alternative, try turkey mince instead of beef mince. Turkey mince is much lower in calories, fat and cost.

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