Ice Cooler

The DreamPot is your portable cooler!  Cold deserts can be prepared directly in the inner pots and set in the ‘fridge; simply then transfer into the DreamPot to take along to your party.  Alternativley, set the no bake slice over ice in the 5 or 6 litre DreamPot model.

Cold food or drinks already in the inner pots in the ‘fridge will remain cold for hours, once transferred into the DreamPot, thanks to the superior thermal insulation.

The DreamPot also makes a terrific punch bowl or ice bucket for happy hour on the road,  at home, for a barbeque or party.

This demonstrates how multifunctional the DreamPot really is!

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Diabetic fruit punch *

The DreamPot make the best fruit punch bowl. It keeps the fruit punch deliciously cold – just perfect for parties!

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