Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Handmade from the heart.  That’s what DreamPot cooking is all about on Valentine’s Day – the perfect time to share and enjoy each other’s company.

So why not indulge in some of DreamPot’s delightful and delectable treats with someone special?  With DreamPot, it’s love at first bite, especially with our “Rocky road” and “Chocolate fondue“.

Unlike the name, Rocky road chocolate is a smooth ride on the taste buds.  It has a delicious crunchy texture followed by a soft and deliciously sweet centre… just like all of us!  Valentine’s day is about saying “I’m fond about you”, so what not better way to seal such sincere words of affirmation by sealing them in rich chocolate fondue!

Enjoy these recipes in your DreamPot.

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Try our free Valentine’s recipes↓

Rocky road *

Take your love and your sweet tooth to the next level with this tempting chocolate treat.

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Chocolate fondue *

Our chocolate fondue really says “I’m fond of you!”.

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