Pink Ribbon Promotion!








Pink Ribbon Day is held on October 22nd,  2012. DreamPot is proudly supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research programs as a trade partner. With each Pink DreamPot purchase, $25.00 will be donated to breast cancer research.

To commemorate and to support this very worthy cause,  a special edition Pink DreamPot has just been released in both our 5 litre and 6 litre models.

The DreamPot is ideal for those who wish to cook, but are experiencing low energy, or difficulties with their health and can’t remain as active on their feet and as they’d like to be. Because of the short cooking preparation time (and simplified cooking process) with DreamPot meals,  you don’t have to spend time constantly watching or being ‘up’ monitoring the cooking process.  You can rest, knowing your food is safely cooking. You can enjoy your meal as soon as it’s ready or then enjoy at anytime of the day.  It’s a great time-saver, convenient and hassle-free.

So next time you’re cooking for you, friends or  family, remember to make your favourite recipe in the special edition pink DreamPot.  These pink DreamPots are a special limited edition, so hurryavailable now for order!

It’s always good to go pink for someone special in your life!