Many of Australia’s most beautiful places are off the beaten track, so don’t forget to strap the DreamPot into your 4WD before taking off on your next adventure!  The DreamPot won’t overcook your meal and it will be ready when you are, even if you encounter “challenges” along the road, and arrive at your destination hours later than planned.

The DreamPot is ergonomically designed for travelling as it sits flat, has superior insulation designed for durability, and will take the hard knocks on your 4WD travels.

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“I love my DreamPot while 4Wdriving because it is so simple and convenient, even a bloke like me can cook in it!  Earlier this year I went on a 4Wdriving expedition with friends to Cape York and we all took along our DreamPot’s.

It was good to pull over for lunch and have a hot meal and was so much easier (and tastier) than sandwiches.  As we were travelling on convoy (and all had DreamPot’s) we would share the cooking, so some of us would prepare lunch meals and the others would prepare tea.  At the end of a long day’s travelling we would set-up camp and enjoy a few beers without having to cook .  We also used our DreamPot for the evenings when we had BBQ’s to keep our food hot.  The DreamPot is definately an essential part of my 4Wdriving gear!”

Jay Curtis – Gracemere, Queensland

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