Camping is all about getting back to a simpler way of life, even if it’s just for the weekend.  Hassle free cooking is a must!  Just because you might “rough-it” doesn’t mean you meals have to be. No matter what the weather conditions or wherever you are, delicious cooked meals without the hassle will always be a menu-favourite!  Simply prepare, start the cooking process and heat up your meal for just minutes in the DreamPot saucepans on any external heat source, before setting off on your camping trip!   Imagine preparing your evening meal at home in under 30 minutes, pop the DreamPot in your vehicle, then after a long day of driving and setting up camp – dinner is ready to be served!

The simplicity of the DreamPot makes preparing camping meals a breeze, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You can eat nutritious home-style meals that taste great, while you’re dining under the stars. DreamPot cooking is incredibly convenient, quick and versatile.

DreamPot cooking is essential for camping, so don’t forget to pack the DreamPot on your next trip!

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Beer damper *

Now you can eat your beer as well as drink it!

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“We love our DreamPot while camping because we have just embarked on an 8 week camping trip to WA  in our camper trailer and is such an essential part of our camp kitchen!  We have always used pressure cookers and slow cookers (as did our parents) and were most excited to recently discover the DreamPot.

The DreamPot uses hygienic cooking techniques to provide healthy and scrumptious meals which is especially important for me (Robyn) as a coeliac.  There’s no meat or vegetable dish we can’t cook in the DreamPot.”

– Greg & Robyn Abbotts – North Rockhampton, Queensland

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