Great Outdoors

The DreamPot makes enjoying the great outdoors fun!  The sights and sounds are more easily savoured when you know you don’t have the chore of cooking at days end.  Enjoy a hot meal for your picnic lunch in winter, or a cold ham and salad in summer in your DreamPot.

If your work outdoors or on the land all day, there is nothing better than coming home to a cooked meal just waiting for you in the DreamPot.  Alternatively, take your meal in the DreamPot with you up the paddock, as it is absolutley non electrical, portable and robust.

The DreamPot is a must for those who enjoy spending time or working in the outdoors.

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Minted lamb & rosemary hot pot *

Quick and easy to prepare, you are on your way and out of the kitchen in no time!

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“I love my DreamPot because it saves me from making the ‘dreaded’ lunch sandwiches!  The DreamPot will cook as we do a water and lick run with the cattle, we can then stop at our fishing hole to eat and take in a spot of fishing.

I live 220 km NNW of Hughenden on a cattle station as a caretaker / cook and I have had a DreamPot for many years.  I have found it very useful at mustering time as I can prepare meals earlier when it is not as busy and let the DreamPot take care of the rest!  It is wonderful to not have to stand over a hot stove and heat up the kitchen in summer.

When we drive into Hughenden I take a meal in the DreamPot to share with our hosts as they are busy people with 3 children.  It is wonderful to be able to have a social evening and not have to worry about a meal.  I use the DreamPot to make cakes, desserts and main meals and it is a great at the barbeque as will keep the food hot or cold.”

Lynette Curran – via Hughenden, Queensland

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