Or even at home

You will find your energy efficient DreamPot indispensable at home in the kitchen.  Prepare the meal, then set and forget for the day.  Whether your office is in a city building or an outback paddock, there’s no need to worry about leaving appliances on at home.

Your meal will cook itself without the need for any further power and supervision.  When you and your family are back home and ready to eat, the DreamPot will be ready too.

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Carrot & pineapple cake *

A very light carrot cake with real cream cheese icing – yum!

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“I love my DreamPot at home because it is very safe and allows me to cook meals to fit around my busy home and work schedule.  I can have a meal safely cooking in the DreamPot knowing that there is no risk of my son Jake touching hot ovens or stove surfaces.  When I am away from the house, I am not leaving any cooking appliance running unsupervised.

I work part-time and during my days at home I am busy taking Jake to swimming lessons, play group, shopping, the library, visiting family…our schedule is always full!  I can prepare our dinner in the DreamPot while he is having his after lunch sleep and then we are free to enjoy the afternoon.  I am also finding myself using my DreamPot a lot more at home.  With the rise in electricity costs the DreamPot is saving me money on our bill.

I purchased my DreamPot in 1999 and I just love using it, and unlike other kitchen appliances I have had over the years, it doesn’t break down.”

– Jane (& Jake) Lucas, Rockhampton, Queensland

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