DreamPot 5 litre | Premium

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Be amazed with the cooking versatility:


  • A hearty meal for the whole family using only the large inner pot
  • Two (2) separate meals using the 6 and 2 litre inner saucepans stacking together
  • A small meal using only the 2 litre inner saucepan placed over the 6 litre bain-marie style
  • Scones, muffins, damper, pizza, quiches & lots more using as a double saucepan stacking system


You get:


  • 5  Litre DreamPot – outer cooking unit, two internal 18/8 stainless steel, encapsulated heavy base saucepans (2 lire and 5 litre) , stainless steel lid
  • DreamPot Accessory Pack –  includes 1x large loaf pan, 2x small loaf pans 1x glass lid.
  • DreamPot 5th edition Recipe book – the authoritative thermal cook book of YUM!
  • Instructional DVD – be up and running in no time.  You’ll be a master straight away!
  • DreamPot “40 Delicious” Supplementary Recipe Book –  the second thermal cook book of YUM!
  • DreamPot Lifter Tongs – handle your loaf pan with extra ease (don’t burn your fingers!)
  • DreamPot eNewsletters – enjoy new and fresh recipes and specials, delivered straight to your inbox.
  • DreamPot trivet – essential for making bread and cakes, for even heat circulation.


Is it right for me?

Caters for: 2-4 persons

Serving for: up to 5 litre meal sizes

Best for:  2 meals at once – enjoy cooking a roast (1.5 kilogram), soup, stew,  large bread or small loaf, lasagne, meatloaf and more!

Why not consider: The DreamPot 6 litre model for extra-large double meals (for example king-size rice and a curry, a larger roast) and more catering options –  for 4 people!


Product Description:

The outer DreamPot cooking unit is comprised of 18/8 stainless steel, food grade ABS plastic, with a strong carry handle complete with:-

  • 1 x 5 litre 18/8 ‘bottom’ stainless steel inner saucepan with heavy sandwich base and handle
  • 1 x 2 litre 18/8 ‘top’stainless steel inner saucepan with heavy sandwich base and handle
  • 2 x 18/8 stainless steel lids , complete with an ergonomic food grade knob


More Information:

  • Serves: 2-4 adults
  • Dimensions:  31cm (wide) x 25cm (high)
  • Capacity:  5 litres
  • Inner saucepans can be used on any cooking surface.  Induction compatible.
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe