Small Loaf Pan (set of 2)

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Enjoy making your very own fresh and tasty mini bread loaves, cakes, meat loaves and delicious desserts – DreamPot style!

The small loaf pans can be used in the 3*, 5 and 6 litre DreamPot models and extends versatility to your thermal cooking experience!  User Instructions and recipes for using the small loaf pan in the DreamPot are specified in the DreamPot 5th Edition Recipe Book and User Guide.

Product Information:

  • Silicone based non stick coating
  • Dimensions:  18.3cm  long x 9.9cm wide x 5.5cm high
  • Capacity:  500 mls (.5 litre)
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe


* 2 small loaf pans can be used together in the 5 & 6 litre and only 1 small loaf pan can be used in the 3 litre DreamPot models.

Ref: S-Loaf Pan Sml