Energy Efficiency

With electricity and energy costs on the rise we are all looking at ways of making our homes and travel more energy efficient. Imagine cooking lamb shanks for only 15 minutes on the stove and then transfer into the DreamPot for a minimum of 5 hours.  You have now saved 5 hours of electricity – incredible!

DreamPot cooking is so energy efficient, as it requires only a very short initial cooking process on the stove.   This will save approximately 80% of your electricity and energy costs, fantastic for travelling, and save a fortune at home in energy costs.  The DreamPot insulation is superior – no power cords are required!

Reduce your energy consumption with the DreamPot:-

Meal Conventional cooking time on stove Boiling time on stove (using DreamPot thermal cooking process) Minimum cooking time in DreamPot Energy saved with DreamPot cooking
Corned Meat / Pickled Pork 3 hours 20 minutes 3 hours  88%
Pot Roast 3 hours 30 minutes 3 hours  83%
Soups, stews & curries 1.5 hours 10 minutes 1.5 hours  88%
Rice 30 minutes 2 minutes 30 minutes  93%
Lamb shanks 5 hours 15 minutes 5 hours  95%

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