Thermal Cooking Process

DreamPot thermal cooking eliminates the need for a constant fuel or power source: making cooking while you travel or at home hassle-free and easier than ever before!

Discover the DreamPot difference.  Save on energy costs. Save time supervising your meal. With its purpose-built design for cooking performance and durability, the DreamPot is incredibly energy efficient and a miracle cooking experience.  The DreamPot comes complete with one or two 18/8 stainless steel inner pots with heavy sandwich base, very strong handles and 18/8 stainless lids with food grade knob.

You can cook a large family meal or a single smaller meal, or two courses!  Your meal cannot burn, boil dry or overcook.  It’s as easy as: start it, transfer it, leave it, eat and enjoy it… Just love it!

Step 1: Start it Step 2: Transfer it Step 3: Leave it Step 4: Eat it!
Put ingredients into the supplied DreamPot inner saucepan.  Then place saucepan on any heat source to start the cooking process.  Boil/heat/partially cook for a short time with lid on (times are stated for each DreamPot recipe). Stir occasionally. Once timings are complete, transfer the inner saucepan into the DreamPot and close the lid. The DreamPot will continue to cook your meal until ready. (It’s time for time, just like your kitchen oven). No further energy consumption will be used, thanks to the DreamPot’s insulation, which maintains the cooking temperature of the saucepans! No stirring or checking is necessary. Enjoy cooking one or two course meals! After the minimum required cooking time your meal is ready to serve.  Enjoy now or later; if the meal is ready before you are, it will keep safely hot in the DreamPot.

We are accredited with an Australian Food Handling licence.  Food safety is extremely important to us!  Our expert experience and knowledge, combined with the quality of the DreamPot thermal cooking process means you’ll never be in doubt.

The cooked meal will be maintained in the safe temperature zone by following the instructions in the DreamPot Recipe Book & User Guide.

The golden rule is you can change the recipe ingredients, but don’t change the boiling time on the stove or open the DreamPot before the minimum cooking time is completed.   Always remember, serve hot food hot, and cold food cold! The Australian Food Standards recommend keeping chilled food below 5C and hot food above 60C.

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