Features & Benefits

The DreamPot doubled layer superior insulated outer pot ensures the ultimate in thermal cooking and heat retention or maintaining cold temperatures.

  • Unbeatable versatility, performance, reliability and durability!
  • Incredibly shortened cooking time process and saving you approximately 80% of your energy costs!
  • Take your DreamPot anywhere and cook anytime!  Ergonomically designed for stability, especially when travelling!
  • Absolutely non-electrical and cordless. Safe!
  • DreamPot meals are wonderfully delicious, nutritious and healthy.  Sensational flavours!
  • Multi-functional 6 in 1 appliances.  It’s a thermal cooker, rice cooker, bread maker, yoghurt maker, barbeque / bain marie and ice cooler.  Just so versatile!
  • Designed to take the hard knocks on travels – portable and confident cooking on the move, wherever you you go!

The DreamPot is easy and energy efficient cooking… just love it!

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