3 litre stainless-steel saucepan for DreamPot

$62.00 $45.00



Do you have an older 3 litre DreamPot model and like to upgrade to heavy base inner saucepans for convenient cooking across all cook tops – including induction and ceramic?   Or maybe on your travels you’ve accidentally misplaced your 3 litre inner pot?  No worries, replacement DreamPot stainless-steel inner saucepan pots are always available!  (N.B. The 3 litre inner saucepan will not fit the 5 litre or 6 litre models).

Enables extra cooking convenience and ideal for food storage.

3 litre 18/8 stainless inner pot with heavy sandwich base and handle

Product Information:

  • Serves: 1 – 4 adults
  • Dimensions: 21cm (wide) x 9cm (high)
  • Capacity: 3 litres
  • Inner saucepans can be used on any cooking surface.  Induction compatible.
  • Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

* Note stainless steel lid available seperately.