DreamPot 3 Litre ThermaBoost Cover

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No matter where you are or where you go, you want the best for your DreamPot thermal cooker.

That’s why our ThermaBoost Cover takes your DreamPot to the next level on your cooking adventures.  DreamPot’s ThermaBoost skin fits perfectly for immediate benefits and boosts your investment for protection, insulation and durability.

ThermaBoost’s neoprene skin is a proven and tough solution, so you can continue to cook confidently on the go – anywhere and anytime!

DreamPot ThermaBoost Cover is manufactured from 100% neoprene  with polyester / nylon lining complete with:-

  • Fully detachable double zipped lid
  • Tight fitting jacket cover with velcro side straps ensures the cover neatly fits the exterior of the DreamPot
  • The base includes an anti-slip gripping material which enhances the DreamPot’s stability and friction grip when travelling

Product Information:

  • Designed to fit the 3 litre DreamPot model which measures 31cm (wide) x 18cm (high)
  • Colour:  Black
  • Easy to clean

Note: DreamPot not included.

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