Thermal Cooker

As fellow travellers, we know that home cooking is the way to go, especially when you are on the road.  There is nothing better than after a long day’s drive, to sit down and relax at happy hour knowing that our dinner is prepared and cooked!

Use the DreamPot for short or long term cooking.  So at home, why not start your meal after a long day’s work and then enjoy for tea.  Alternatively, start the meal before you leave for work in the morning and enjoy for tea.

The DreamPot is your dream cooker – it’s your non-electric portable oven, to be used at home or away.  Meals can be started at any time throughout the day, then served and enjoyed when convenient.  DreamPot cooking takes approximately the same time as a conventional stove or oven, but doesn’t require constant fuel and supervision.  Meals can’t overcook or burn, leaving you free to relax with the family at home, or to hit the road travelling.

DreamPot cooking is so incredibly versatile, energy efficient, safe and portable…just love it!

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Corned silverside *

Traditional family favourite and just so simple to prepare and cook. Leftovers make delicious cold meat sandwiches.

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