Easter Greetings

DreamPot has your Easter covered with an delicious and easy chicken recipe to help you enjoy this time of the year.   So if you are hopping away for Easter, don’t forget to pack the DreamPot!

Our feature recipe is a mouth-watering dish which is cooked in the DreamPot Large Oven Bags.  It can be prepared very quickly, tied up in the oven bag and cooked in the DreamPot (no constant power or heat source required!).  Then enjoy wherever and whenever you want!  So if you are going to be out all day from home, travelling or camping this long weekend – why not enjoy this perfect poultry plate?

Ragja chicken cooked in the DreamPot maintains amazing tenderness and flavour.  This recipe was inspired by Rob & Lisa’s good friends who all catch up regularly to explore great food and places. The ingredients in this meal reflects the scenery and country produce they enjoyed on their recent travels down south – it’s full of chicken, prunes, olives and capers. Together, the ingredients create a harmonious compliment of slight sweet meeting sensational savoury within this casserole meal.

Ragja chicken would be superb for a cool autumn evening dinner, as you enjoy the satisfying warmth of this great meal you could admire the trees changing colour and enjoying the cooler air surround you.  But even if the weather is still summer-like where you live, or autumn colours are a bit hard to come by, it can be enjoyed just as much, no matter where you are.   Cooking DreamPot Ragja chicken… Just love it!

Wishing you happy holidays this Easter & safe travelling.

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Ragja chicken*

This delicious chicken dish inspired by great food & places is just so easy to cook in the DreamPot Large Oven Bags.

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